Scientific labsScientific laboratories need to follow strict and rigorous standards in order to avoid contaminating samples and specimens as they use their conveyor equipment. 

There are also many regulations in place for health and safety to keep the facility and its air supply clean.

It is due to these strict standards that labs must constantly inspect and make sure to keep their facilities in accordance to these guidelines and rules. 

This is to keep workers healthy, laboratory supplies and specimens safe, and lab equipment and chemicals from being contaminated.

Most scientific laboratories search for new ways to ensure their facilities stay in strict adherence to these guidelines while keeping the lab up and running. 

While state and federal guidelines are constantly changing, labs are finding that they need options that will keep their facilities operational as the best dust control systems solutions are implemented.

The Applied Conveyor Technology Group's professionals analyze all laboratory environments to determine if containment is an available option or reduction is the more reasonable way to go for reducing dust from conveyor equipment.

The use of a high quality, ACT dust control system means having peace of mind when it comes to automating dust control at your scientific laboratory.

Our dust suppression systems use ACT foam chemicals, which minimize the use of water. Our chemicals are environmentally friendly and because they minimize moisture, they can be used in laboratory environments that cannot be exposed to excessive water misting.

Using dust control misting in a laboratory will minimize the dust particles in the air. Dust collectors will trap any particles that can harm laboratory employees, specimens, and chemicals.
ACT's dust containment systems minimize dust particles in your laboratory's air. We offer a variety of solutions to ensure your air standards are met.

Trapping airborne particles is a must, and ACT's dust collectors do just that with granular, dry, fibrous, and even sticky particles. Our collectors will work in laboratories of different temperature ranges (beginning at 20-degrees Fahrenheit and going up to 700).

ACT's high-quality products and services are the very best. We are dedicated to making your laboratory the cleanest it can be, which, in turn, will make it a safer and more productive facility.

Act offers a wide range of applications and industry equipment. You can find out more by contacting our dedicated team of service professionals today.

Our professionals will analyze your current system and environment, and then begin to look for ways to improve upon your operations. Applied Conveyor Technology recognizes that your facility's investments in dust control are crucial to being operational now and in the future.

We want to assist you in having a thorough inspection and understanding of your conveyor equipment so you can look forward to long-term reliability and safety with our ACT dust control systems.

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