The ACT Group offers industry-leading conveyor belting services and repair. ACT’s technicians are skilled in both repair, replacement, and retrofit. Whether it is a belt patch, splice, vulcanizing or a full replacement; ACT can provide the new belt, vulcanized splice or install a SUPER-SCREW® splice or patch.

Advantages of ACT Belt Service

At Applied Conveyor Technology, we prioritize understanding our customers’ needs, especially when it comes to belt splicing. While many belt vulcanizing companies focus solely on splicing, we distinguish ourselves by going above and beyond to exceed your expectations. Utilizing cutting-edge equipment and high-quality parts in the belt splicing industry, we ensure precision and reliability in every job.

Our Fontana, CA warehouse boasts an extensive inventory of over 30 rolls of the most widely used belting in the industry. Additionally, we stock a variety of mechanical fasteners to guarantee a swift and efficient solution, getting you up and running without delay. Trust Applied Conveyor Technology for superior belt splicing services that prioritize quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.


The Works

When in need of the most thorough belt repair, consider our ‘The Works’ service at The ACT Group. In addition to including the services offered in the ‘Pull & Splice’ option, we take an extra step by actively tracking the belt for you. This comprehensive package is particularly ideal for those who prioritize the longevity of their system. Our team, consisting of skilled mechanics and millwrights, possesses the expertise to identify and address issues, ensuring that your belt operates seamlessly, comparable to its brand-new condition.

At The ACT Group, we advocate for straightforward and hassle-free conveyor belt service. Opt for ‘The Works’ to experience a solution that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, providing optimal performance and a prolonged system lifespan. Trust us for a comprehensive and reliable belt repair experience.


Pull and Splice

At The ACT Group, we are dedicated to delivering a seamless belt splicing experience through a comprehensive approach. From removing all guarding to adjusting take-ups and backing off the cleaners, our team handles every aspect necessary to efficiently pull and splice your belt. This standardized practice at ACT is specifically designed to relieve you of the burden of labor allocation.

Our skilled team not only ensures precision in the splicing process but also takes responsibility for putting all your equipment back in its original or even improved condition. At The ACT Group, we pride ourselves on leaving no loose ends. Our commitment is to provide you with a hassle-free and reliable belt splicing experience that places a premium on both quality and convenience.


Splice Only

For an economical solution, consider our streamlined splicing service at The ACT Group. Tailored for budget-conscious customers, this package prioritizes efficiency by excluding tasks like idler adjustments or belt pulling. You handle the prep work, and we execute the splice with precision. At The ACT Group, we recognize the need for versatile options. Our budget-friendly splice service delivers a reliable solution without compromising quality, making it ideal for those mindful of costs in conveyor belt maintenance. Explore the affordability and efficiency of our splicing services today.

Installing a Conveyor Belt

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