The ACT Group comprises three distinct companies: Applied Conveyor Technology Inc., Air Pollution Control Services (APCS) and Dustco Inc. The three companies specialize in different aspects of the bulk handling industry and venture into different avenues of environmental control.

Formed (as a group) in 1998, the three companies sought to combine administrative, inventory, development and distribution roles into one central location to reduce operating costs and expenses.

Operating under the ACT Group umbrella, each company can specialize in its individual field while utilizing the resources of the other members and partners. Often contracts and applications require the disciplines of all three companies and specialties to offer a complete and viable solution.

This operating practice not only benefits The Group but also offers the customer a cohesive and integral supplier for the complete contract where the different applications work seamlessly with each other.

Applied Conveyor Technology, Inc. 

Applied Conveyor Technology Inc. is the Parent Company and provides the lynchpin around which The ACT Group operates. Formed in 1991, Applied Conveyer Technology supplies systems and components for the bulk handling industry. These include items as diverse as magnets and motor drives; level indicators and conveyor belting; pulleys and screw conveyors.

Applied Conveyor Technology also provides the fabrication and construction mechanics for the rest of the Group.

Air Pollution Control Services

Air Pollution Control Services, APCS, specializes in dust collection and similar systems. Our vast experience in dust collection includes bag houses, vacuum systems, fume extraction, and related service options for Industrial Ventilation systems. Over 20 years of design and installation experience augment the company’s engineering prowess in the industry. We specialize in designing system around clients’ needs and requirements rather than limiting you to one brand. Whether you need a Camfil Farr or Donaldson system, or maybe replacement filters for both, APCS has you covered.

Dustco, Inc.

Dustco Inc. is expert in dust suppression using water in all forms. They design and produce equipment that produces droplets as small as 10 micron (1/10th of the diameter of a human hair) to spray systems that dampen the product as it moves through the process.

Lately they have added the use of chemicals to their repertoire to allow a wider range of treatments for differing applications. Dustco Inc. can supply a complete answer to all dust suppression needs and works closely with APCS to combine talents where applicable.

Dustco Inc. also provides environmental control systems for a wide range of industries. High-pressure fog systems with micron-sized droplets have the ability to cool and humidify environments to offer a perfect storage, growing or living environment.

Fog has the ability to cool the surrounding air by as much as 40°F in certain conditions; this effect can be used to cool employees, equipment and processes in a wide variety of applications.

The Objective

The objective of The ACT Group is to supply the customer with the right product at the best available price and to offer alongside an unparalleled pre and after-sales service from our locations throughout California and the West Coast and Pacific Northwest.

To the best of our ability, we will adapt our services and products to fit in the clients schedule and work processes. Clients’ needs, work schedules and practices are always treated with the utmost importance.

The group operates in not only Southern California but ships to all parts of the USA. Overseas clients receive material, support, and information just as easily as the home states; specific technical considerations are always adhered to and followed. Our staff has years of exporting experience behind them and can adapt to differing countries and hemispheres as easily as different states in the USA.

We hope to become YOUR supplier; rest assured by becoming a client of The ACT Group and let us provide the service and dependability from a dedicated team of professionals. Contact us at one of our California Locations today.

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