ACT Group has built our reputation by offering top-notch services metal handling equipment in the industry. 

We are staffed with the best in the industry to ensure our clients get nothing but the best. If you are looking for professional services, ACT Group is your best choice. 

We offer a variety of services that are relevant in a wide range of industries.

We are your one stop shop for top quality services regarding conveyor equipment. 

The ACT Group has well-trained staff members that offer a wide range of services including installation, routine inspections and maintenance. 

They are also available for 24-hour emergency services ensuring your business does not come to halt when you have an emergency.

To improve the efficiency of your conveyor belt systems as well as equipment, we offer the best cleaning services in the locality. We also offer high-quality conveyor belt fasteners to assist you in repairs.

ACT Group also offers various material handling equipment that is superior in quality and offers consistent performance. We keep our clients moving by offering equipment services 24-hours every day. From troubleshooting and diagnostics to repair, we have highly qualified specialists who are dedicated to servicing your equipment whenever you need it.

Our technicians make use of only top quality parts from trusted manufacturers in all their repairs. Clients enjoy convenience, accurate scheduling and flexible hours. Proactive customer service and straightforward communication is a promise ACT Group seeks to keep.

To enjoy more productivity at facility, all equipment needs to be working efficiently and effectively without breaking down. At ACT Group, we offer dust control evaluation and services to make sure you meet your goals. We have qualified and experienced staff that will assess your needs and provide you with quality services for dust control equipment you might need.

ACT Group has the technology, the know-how, capability, and metal fabrication equipment to construct almost any dust control equipment you might need in your facility. Our trained staff will work with our clients from the conception to the installation of the project. They also provide routine inspection and maintenance for clients. We have the solution to any of your airborne dust challenges.

ACT Group has earned our reputation by offering reliable services at competitive price. 
See your business thrive and grow by hiring our services. Be part of our long line of satisfied clients by contacting us and schedule your “Walk the Belt” service call today!

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