Bulk materials are created in the process of making lumber and various other wood products.  Saw dust, wood chips and wood shavings that are by-products of one process, are used for making particleboard, flake board and oriented strand board in another process.  

Also, sawdust is formed into pellets and used as an alternative fuel source in many industries.

Electricity is typically generated using fossil fuels, such as coal, oil or gas in internal combustion or combustion turbine conventional steam processes.  

Alternative fuels such as biomass and municipal solid waste are gaining in popularity because waste products are converted in usable forms of energy.  Many biomass products are based on renewable forms of feedstock such as corn, sugarcane and wood.

To keep our customers’ productions online and profitable, The ACT Group prevents buildups and blockages while reducing dust, spillage and carryback.  

From the unloading by railcar distributions, barges or ships to the cleaning and improvements of bunker and silo processes, The ACT Group products and services keeps material handling clean, safe and productive.

The ACT Group flow aids knock down and dislodge buildups in bunkers and silos.  Railcar unloading of bottom-dump hopper cars in grain terminal operations, can be improved using the railcar connectors and unloading products available from ACT.

Transfer Point products such as impact cradles, support cradles and skirting, reduce spillage and dust that can come from conveying raw materials, such as raw and finished grain, wood or corn.  The EVO® transfer point products are track-mounted to simplify installation and maintenance, improving worker safety and efficiency.

Primar belt cleaners remove carryback.  Cartridge-mount secondary belt cleaners offer a safe and easy removal procedure while also removing additional carryback. 

Their compact secondary design allows installation in close quarters and the narrow profile resists material buildup.

Dust control is handled by dust collectors that trap any dust during the process that can harm equipment and employees.  In some applications dust suppression can also be an option ACT can help with.

To keep your processing equipment safe, ACT has metal detectors to help prevent your conveyors and machinery from becoming damaged from unwanted ferrous metals.

Explosion proof equipment is also available.

The ACT Group will analyze your material handling systems, and look for opportunities to improve your operations and increase profits for a return on your investments.

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