The ACT Group helps their customers improve their aggregate handling by focusing on improving production and profits without compromising safety. 

For aggregate plants, down time during production season means missed profits. By finding solutions to the challenges our customers have, their plants run with lean maintenance budgets and minimal personnel. 

We have the expertise to make your aggregate operations as efficient and productive as possible.

Aggregate plants are always looking for ways to enhance site safety, reduce costs, improve profitability and boost efficiency. 

Safety is a key priority for our customers. It’s a priority to us too. We integrate our products with safety features to keep people safe when using and servicing them. 

Transfer Point Products provided by The ACT Group, keeps conveyors on-line, with reduced maintenance requirements and improved efficiency by improving belt conveyors in permanent or portable plants. The EVO® transfer point products are track-mounted to simplify installation and maintenance hence improving the safety of workers.

 The ACT Group’s dust management and dust control products assist with the control and suppression of dust from material handling systems to improve relations with neighbors, regulatory agencies and keeping employees safe. 

The ACT Group provides flow aids & vibration, air cannons or sonic horns which will make sure material moves from bins and hoppers and provide the force to move material through screens, chutes and feeders.

The ACT Group will analyze your material handling systems, and look for opportunities to improve your operations and increase profits for a return on your investments.

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