EFFICIENTLY AND SAFELY TRANSPORT COMPOSITE MATERIALS USING OUR HIGH QUALITY CONVEYOR BELTS. OUR PRODUCTS ARE BUILT TO LASTThe composite industry has grown to encompass everything from recycled materials to luxury sports cars and sailboats. 

Even NASA has created a Composite Crew Model (CCM) using a carbon graphite epoxy resin system to improve space travel using lightweight materials. When personal safety is at stake, it’s critical for composites to be made well. At the Applied Conveyor Technology Group (ACT Group), we believe this process begins with efficient manufacturing practices and choices made during production. 

The ACT Group is dedicated to producing conveyor belts and accessories for more efficient composite material manufacturing.


We have committed to providing you with some of the best conveyor system products on the market today backed by excellent customer service. In addition to a full range of conveyor belting and accessories, we also offer 24-hour emergency technicians to help with any part purchased from ACT Group. 

This helps you get composite production back on schedule, so you can continue to produce high quality results.


In order for composites to work properly, you have to account for production of both the matrix and base materials as well as the processes required to combine them.

SPECTRUM™ Conveyor Belts: our line of SPECTRUM™ conveyor belts for the composite industry are some of the most trusted products on the market today. Each conveyor belt is made with durable polyester and polyamide fabric that can operate efficiently in even the most extreme environments.

Dust Suppression: even with relatively clean composite products, materials like polyresin (better known as fiberglass) can give off microscopic dust particles that are harmful if breathed into the lungs in large quantities. 

We offer comprehensive dust control systems, including dust containment, collection, and even high-pressure mist and fog systems. Some conveyor belts can benefit from foam dust suppression, which is eco-friendly and helps protect products from moisture.

Flash Cannon® Flow Aids: Our Flash Cannon® flow aid is one of the best tools to assist with conveyor belt maintenance. Our flow aids use air that is released in a sudden, high-energy blast through a discharge pipe. 

This technique is ideal for aerating and dislodging materials to help restore flow. The Flash Cannon® comes in two different models: the GWE series for ambient temperatures up to 130°F (54°C) and the G400 Series, which is able to withstand temperatures in excess of 2,000°F (1,093°C). Our flow aids operate quietly to help reduce noise pollution.

Belt Scales: We offer a variety of different belt scales, each with its own unique qualities. The Weigh Shark belt scale mounts to any width CEMA idler and takes just a few minutes to install. For conveyor belts with tube frame construction, we recommend the Weigh Shark Wing conveyor belt scale. Our scales come with a three-year warranty to ensure your equipment works perfectly.

We would like to help you improve composite material production with conveyor belt solutions that are simply better. Contact us today to learn more, or to schedule a free on-site quote!

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