To keep our customers’ Coal production online and profitable, The ACT Group prevents buildups and blockages while reducing dust, spillage and carryback.  

From the barge unloader or railcar dump through the coal yard to the bunkers that feed the boiler, The ACT Group products and services keep coal handling clean, safe and productive. We serve every area in the coal-fired power generation process. 

Power plants are always looking for ways to enhance site safety, reduce costs, improve profitability and boost efficiency and ACT is here to help.

The ACT flow aids knock down buildups in preheater towers and dislodge “snowmen” in bunkers. Railcar unloading of bottom-dump hopper cars in Coal terminal operations, can be improved using the railcar connectors and unloading products available from ACT.

Transfer Point products such as impact cradles, support cradles and skirting, reduce spillage and dust that can come from conveying raw materials, such as clinker and finished Coal.  The EVO® transfer point products are track-mounted to simplify installation and maintenance, improving worker safety and efficiency.

Primary belt cleaners remove carryback.  Cartridge-mount secondary belt cleaners offer a safe and easy removal procedure while also removing additional carryback. Their compact secondary design allows installation in close quarters and the narrow profile resists material buildup.

The ACT Group Silo Cleaning Service safely and efficiently removes buildups from your storage vessels, regains live storage capacity, recovers lost material and reduces the need for confined space entry.

The ACT Group will analyze your material handling systems, and look for opportunities to improve your operations and increase profits for a return on your investments.

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