INDUSTRIAL-STRENGTH RUBBER CONVEYOR BELTS FOR TRASH SORTING CONVEYOR SYSTEMSApplied Conveyor Technology Inc. (ACT Group) is a multi-industry supplier of dust suppression and industrial conveyor systems. One of those industries is waste management. 

There are many ways that our custom trash sorting solutions can improve efficiency. Our proven products are great for all cycles of trash sorting in landfills. Waste management companies look to us to help with three core areas: rubber or urethane waste conveyor belting, dust suppression, and odor control.


Sort through bulky items and fill landfills faster with our industrial strength conveyor systems. We can custom design these to meet the needs of any waste management company. Our rubber and urethane belting is designed to handle the toughest and sharpest of items. Here are some other benefits for choosing sorting conveyor belts through the ACT Group:

  • Meet ISO, RMA, and CEMA standards
  • Resistant to abrasion and extreme temperatures
  • Handles mechanical splicing or hot vulcanized splicing for tears
  • Supports hidden (or recessed) splices without slag or catching on idlers
  • Able to be cleaned with primary, secondary or specialty cleaners (dependent on scraper placement)

If a belt tear does happen, don’t waste time with a complete replacement. Doing a complete waste conveyor belt replacement can put your system down for days if not weeks. Instead, ask your ACT Group representative about our vulcanizing and mechanical splicing materials. We supply a variety of products to repair existing belting, so you can continue operations with as less downtime as possible.


Large plumes of dust can occur in the sorting process. These are often caused by trucks dumping collections of rubbish. Dust can also occur in the final processes of unloading into landfills. To help minimize dust in these applications, it’s imperative to control dry particles before they become airborne. 

For this reason, the engineers at the ACT Group design custom dust control systems. We build these to include the use of fog and foam chemicals, which helps to entrap any airborne particles and release them at ground or surface level. The high levels of humidity from the fog and the heaviness of foam chemicals help weigh down the air, so dust cannot travel as far.


Odor control is a built-in benefit of high-pressure misting system installations. The moisture and chemicals help provide cleaner air by enveloping any airborne odors at transfer points. This is because the air is heavier from the fogging moisture and the chemicals help sanitize the area from any foul smells.

There are many ways we can assist with improving and maintaining efficiency at your waste management facility. Reach out to the ACT Group representative in your region to learn more. We have many types of industrial conveyor systems, dust suppression equipment, and parts. Give us a call: 888-480.0680!

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