Applied Conveyor Technology has specialty, long-lasting conveyor belt cleaners for every application. We’ve been a leading conveyor belt scrapers manufacturer for years. We do this by partnering with manufacturers such as American Eagle Manufacturing, Razer, and many others, to bring you the best possible belt cleaner product.

At ACT, we do not just sell belt cleaners and belt scrapers, we sell a complete conveyor belt cleaner system, with the know-how to back it up. If our suggested conveyor belt scraper or cleaner doesn’t significantly reduce your carryback problem, we will always be there to make it right!

Our Versatile Belt Cleaners: The CleanSrape Cleaners!

Installed at an angle across the discharge pulley, our CleanScrape conveyor belt cleaners require very little space for installation. Mounted in the primary position, the belt cleaners are equipped with tungsten carbide tips that can be used on mechanical splices, making our CleanScrape Cleaners some of the most versatile belt cleaners and belt scrapers on the market.

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Benefits of our conveyor belt cleaners include but are not limited to:

  • Long-lasting belt cleaners outlive any other belt cleaner
  • Our conveyor belt cleaners and belt scrapers require very few blade changes
  • Our effective conveyor belt cleaner design means minimal maintenance is required
  • Each conveyor belt cleaner comes with tungsten carbide tips safe for spliced belts. 

The ACT Group Offers Conveyor Belt Cleaners For Every Belt Speed

If the product being moved by your conveyors has a significant build-up of dust, dirt and clay around the conveyor head drums and along return rollers then you are going to have to provide constant attention and cleaning, this build up can quickly result in premature belt failure and equipment breakdowns.

Our belt cleaners feature optimum cleaning results, simple installation, removed material returns to the main flow and provides low wear to the belt, cleaners and reduces maintenance costs. Using our belt scrapers and cleaners can reduce the time your employees spend cleaning material buildups on your existing conveyor belt cleaners!

“Maintenance is almost unnecessary. The volume of cleaning activities at the belt systems has been significantly reduced owing to the use of IBS cleaners. We highly recommend the use of this system.”

We offer countless conveyor belt cleaners, some even suitable for belt speeds up to 1500 fpm (8 m/s) if vulcanized and 800 fpm (4 m/s) if mechanically spliced! Our belt scrapers and cleaners work with all types of mechanical joint and reversing belts, and even in explosive atmospheres. Did we mention we offer belt cleaners and belt scrapers available with stainless steel installation kits and in 3 different size pulley diameters? They fit Conveyor Belt Width up to 96 inches and a speed of 1500 fpm! If you are in the need of a specialty belt cleaner, look no further than The ACT Group.


Contact the leading conveyor belt scrapers manufacturer, The ACT Group, for your conveyor belt cleaner system needs! Our experienced staff is so much more than a supplier of your conveyor belt cleaning system and belt scraper! Our conveyor belt cleaners and conveyor belt scrapers are designed to take your business to the next level. From top-notch job cleaning time after time to increased belt lifespan, the possibilities are endless when you choose an industrial conveyor belt cleaners and belt scrapers from the ACT Group!

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