Every warehouse owner understands that the conveyor belt is the heart of their business – when it stops, so does everything else! Conveyor systems allow teams to constantly push your material forward, increasing productivity and helping you get ahead of schedule, leaving room and time for your business to grow. However, what many businesses fail to recognize is just how important it is to practice proper conveyor safety. Doing so will ensure you keep your employees safe and your equipment in tip-top shape.

Did you know over 50 workplace fatalities are reported each year in which conveyors are the main cause of injury? From part malfunctions to employees not being cautious, conveyor-built injuries often strike when you least expect it. That’s why it is important to practice safe conveyor belt practices and habits. Here are a few conveyor safety tips that could save a life.


Everyone who works within your facility should be responsible for behaving safely. Understanding the proper conveyor belt safety can prevent disaster from striking. You can prevent many unsafe behaviors from occurring simply by requiring frequent staff training updates and refresher courses. Follow these five simple tips and keep your employees and your business safe from a deadly workplace injury:

Properly Train your Employees

Anyone who is not trained to operate the system should not be allowed to handle the controls, and everyone needs to know where the stop switches are located, how to use them, and when they should be used. Additionally, while it may seem like common sense, workers should never stand or ride on a conveyor belt, overload it, or reach into or underneath the belt when it is in motion.

In some facilities, people will deactivate safety devices or place tape over the “on” switch to increase productivity. This behavior can quickly lead to injuries or malfunctioning equipment. Your staff training regimen should also mandate proper loading and unloading procedures, so that workers lift and unload conveyors using the correct posture and positioning.

Install Proper Safety Equipment 

Ideally, you should only use conveyor systems with approved guards or covers. If these guards are absent, dangerous moving parts may be exposed. If the conveyor belt is an overhead system, be sure that all guards are properly in place and that all employees are always wearing hard hats on the floor. Be sure to keep your workforce trained on the correct loading procedures. Installing the proper conveyor belt safety products very well could prevent a severe workplace injury.

Practice Safe Conveyer Proximity

Before starting the conveyor belt, make sure everyone is clear of the line. Your conveyor system should also play a highly audible alert before starting to give proper notice of its operation. Make sure everyone is aware the conveyor belt is about to be switched on. Once every employee is aware of your course of action, you can safely switch on the conveyor system!

Know What Clothing is Safe for Conveyor Belts

Always avoid loose-fitting clothing and keep all long hair up. Hair and fabric are easily caught up in the moving parts and can cause serious injuries if ever caught in any part of the conveyor system. Anytime Furthermore, provide hard hats for areas with overhead or elevated conveyor systems.

Practice Regular Conveyor System Maintenance

Defective equipment is extremely dangerous, not to mention ineffective, for getting the job done! A preventative conveyor system maintenance plan will grant more peace of mind. You can’t rest easy knowing that vital parts of your system like electrical components, bearings, photo electric controls and pneumatic systems, are in operable condition.

Want to take safety to the fullest precaution? The conveyor systems need to be grounded correctly so, before every shift, check the tracking of belts to make sure the belt conveyors are on track and still in good condition!

Call Applied Conveyor Technology Inc. for Conveyor System Maintenance

Applied Conveyor Technology Inc. provides several conveyor systems services to keep your warehouse safe and productive, including:

•     Conveyor Design

•     Conveyor Maintenance

•     Conveyor Belt Repair

•     Conveyor Slice and Replace

•     Conveyor Belt Cleaning

•     Conveyor Safety Evaluations

We do more than make sure your conveyor is running smoothly and safely! The ACT Group helps control expense, reduces maintenance costs, improves business operation, optimizes your belt performance, and so much more!

For more information about conveyor belt safety, please contact The ACT Group today!

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