Industrial Services for Bulk Material Handling

For over three decades, The ACT Group has consistently been a staple in Industrial Services, particularly specializing in the bulk material handling sector. Our experienced field technicians also demonstrate their expertise by adeptly evaluating, repairing, and maintaining silos, bunkers, conveyor belts, and dust control equipment. Whether you’re seeking a comprehensive turnkey project design or simply require parts and repairs for an existing system, ACT is committed to meeting and surpassing your expectations.

Furthermore, we operate in California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington State. This allows our technicians provide expert installations, along with routine service inspections and maintenance contracts. Additionally, in times of critical breakdowns, our 24-hour emergency repair services stand ready to quickly restore your plant operations. For unmatched service, do not hesitate to contact our experts via phone or email.

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Industrial Services Provided

Mechanical Services

Applied Conveyor Technology, known for its expertise in mechanical industrial services, provides a broad range of specialized solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of various industries. Our team of highly skilled technicians excels in the installation, maintenance, and repair of key mechanical components essential for industrial operations. This includes expert work on conveyor systems, where we ensure optimal performance through precise alignment, tension adjustments, and wear-part replacements.

Furthermore, our experience extends to the maintenance of industrial silos and bunkers, where they address issues like flow problems and structural integrity. The ACT Group’s commitment to using state-of-the-art tools and techniques ensures that their clients receive efficient, reliable, and sustainable solutions, making us your trusted partner in the bulk handling sector.

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Silo Cleaning

With over 25 years of unmatched expertise, The ACT Group has established itself as a leader in the field of silo cleaning. Using a blend of specialized whip equipment and confined space entry methods, we set the industry standard in efficient and safe silo cleaning. Furthermore, our team of dedicated field personnel is highly trained, undergoing annual training focused on confined space safety. 

Moreover, we prioritize the use of state-of-the-art safety methods and cutting-edge monitoring equipment, ensuring we uphold the highest standards of safety and operational efficiency in every project. Choose The ACT Group for exceptional silo cleaning services backed by a standard of quality, safety, and innovation.

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Dust Control

The ACT Group is known for its pioneering equipment in dust control solutions, offering top-tier services and equipment essential for maintaining clean and safe industrial environments. As a leader in dust management systems, our services are dedicated to effectively reducing airborne particles in a range of industrial settings. Our approach prioritizes worker health and machinery efficiency, tailoring solutions to each client’s unique dust generation challenges.

Our comprehensive dust control strategies begin with an in-depth assessment of each client’s site, focusing on areas prone to dust generation. The ACT Group’s expert team skillfully deploys various types of dust suppression systems. We use one or a combination of foaming agents, binders, and fine mist sprays to efficiently capture and settle dust particles.

Moreover, we excel in implementing custom built, advanced dust collection systems. These are essential in environments requiring particulate matter suppression to safeguard machinery and uphold air quality. Beyond standard solutions, The ACT Group is adept at providing custom-engineered systems. This includes enclosed conveyors and specialized hoppers, designed to proactively prevent dust generation at its source. Trust The ACT Group for innovative and effective dust control solutions tailored to your industrial needs.

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Vulcanizing and Splicing

The ACT Group excels in vulcanizing and belt splicing, key services for conveyor belt system maintenance and repair. Specializing in creating durable, seamless joints, our vulcanizing process is crucial for belt longevity, especially under extreme industrial conditions. Our skilled technicians ensure each joint withstands heavy loads and high speeds.

Additionally, we offer expert mechanical belt splicing, using mechanical fasteners to join conveyor belt ends. This is vital for continuous operation and extended belt life. We tailor our approach, employing mechanical or vulcanized splicing as needed for each system’s specific demands.

As a result, our precision in belt splicing minimizes downtime and boosts conveyor system efficiency. Committed to the highest standards with state-of-the-art equipment, The ACT Group is your go-to for reliable and efficient vulcanizing and belt splicing services.

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Air Cannon Maintenance

The ACT Group is a leader in providing air cannon solutions, an innovative method for preventing material blockages and buildup in industrial applications. Air cannons, also known as air blasters, are highly effective in maintaining material flow in silos, hoppers, chutes, and other storage or transfer points. By delivering powerful blasts of compressed air, these cannons dislodge stuck materials, ensuring smooth operation and reducing downtime. 

The ACT Group’s expertise lies in customizing these systems to suit specific industrial needs, taking into account factors like the material type, storage environment, and operational requirements. Our commitment to quality and efficiency makes their air cannon solutions a vital component for industries looking to optimize material handling and prevent disruptions caused by blockages. Consult with the ACT Group to assess, repair, or replace your existing air cannons. Whether you use The Flash Cannon or a competitor’s model, The ACT Group can help you. 

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Industrial Ventilation

The ACT Group specializes in Industrial Ventilation. We offer services for a safe, efficient work environment in industries. Our expertise includes designing, installing, and maintaining advanced ventilation systems. Consequently, these systems are vital for air quality and temperature control.

Additionally, ACT produces solutions to unique industrial challenges. This includes controlling emissions and removing airborne contaminants despite the use of water. Our team skillfully sets up local and general ventilation systems. We ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations.

We commit to using the latest technology and best practices. Our ventilation systems improve air quality and energy efficiency. Our focus on excellence makes us leaders in industrial ventilation. We protect worker health and the environment with our solutions.

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