Dust Control Services

Control Basics

Making ACT your choice for Dust Control Services is straightforward. Airborne dust presents considerable challenges and costs, including health hazards to employees, increased risks of explosions and fire, ongoing damage to valuable equipment, impaired visibility, unpleasant odors, and high cleanup costs. Moreover, dust can harm community relations with those near your plant or facility.


The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) defines dust as “finely divided solids that may become airborne from their original state without any chemical or physical change other than fracture.” Addressing this issue effectively is crucial, as the ongoing and extreme costs of dust and its escape can be substantial. Implementing a strategic management program to contain and suppress fugitive dust is not only a wise operational decision but one that has been proven to pay for itself over time.

Dust Containment

This is the foundation of a successful dust control plan and system. When considering the design or retrofit of product transfer, material containment prevents the greater proportion of the airborne dust from escaping and therefore complimenting suppression by allowing that method of control to prevent the remaining airborne dust becoming fugitive. When considering the containment of dust, the following factors are key: Chute Design, Impact Support, Sealing Systems, & Belt Tracking.

Dust Control Services:

The ACT Group features a seasoned team of professionals committed to delivering top-notch dust control solutions. Our Sales, Engineering, Projects, Shop, and Field personnel are courteous, professional, and dedicated to ensuring quality and customer satisfaction. With over two decades of experience, ACT has earned a reputation for honest and reliable work at fair prices. Offering a complete range of dust control services, from turnkey project design to system proposals and individual part sales, our Dust Suppression experts are ready to assist, regardless of the scale of your need.

Tailored Solutions:

Whether dealing with airborne dust challenges or seeking permanent dust control at transfer point locations, ACT’s Dust Control technicians assess your material handling processes. They provide a detailed report of findings with suggestions on effective dust suppression and control.

Service Contracts:

Upon acquiring an ACT Dust Suppression system, discuss our Dust Suppression Service Contract with your ACT Sales Representative. The team offers bi-monthly or monthly servicing based on your usage, ensuring environmental compliance and efficient plant operations.

Choose Dustco for comprehensive, effective, and environmentally compliant dust control solutions. Contact an ACT representative today to explore how we can elevate your dust control strategy and keep your plant running clean!

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