Air Cannon Services

When it comes to Air Cannon Services, choosing ACT as your trusted provider is a smart and hassle-free decision. Air Cannons can be tricky in their operation, often benefiting from frequent use rather than idle time. Also known as Air Blasters, the ACT Service team attends annual training to ensure we are at the forefront of maintenance for our customers. Material flow is likely a major concern for your operation, so give ACT a call, we will get you running smoothly with our comprehensive air cannon services. 


Unlock the Potential of Air Cannons

Air Cannons, also known as air blasters, are powerful devices engineered to tackle dust issues at their source. These innovative tools efficiently dislodge material build-up in chutes, silos, and transfer points, preventing the release of airborne dust. Strategically placed and properly designed Air Cannons are essential components of your dust suppression strategy. Key considerations include chute design, impact support, sealing systems, and belt tracking. Discover how Air Cannons can revolutionize your dust control efforts.

ACT’s Expert Air Cannon Services

ACT proudly features a team of seasoned professionals who excel at delivering top-tier Air Cannon solutions. Our Sales, Engineering, Projects, Shop, and Field personnel are renowned for their professionalism, courtesy, and commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction. With over two decades of experience, ACT has established a reputation for providing trustworthy and cost-effective services. We offer a comprehensive range of Air Cannon services, including turnkey project design, system proposals, and individual part sales. Partner with our Air Cannon experts to address your unique needs, no matter the scope.

Custom Air Cannon Solutions

Whether you’re grappling with airborne dust challenges or seeking permanent dust control solutions at transfer points, ACT’s Air Cannon technicians will assess your material handling processes comprehensively. Expect a detailed report of findings along with expert recommendations on how Air Cannons can effectively suppress and control dust emissions. Our tailored solutions maximize efficiency and minimize dust-related issues.

Service Contracts for your Investment

After acquiring an ACT Air Cannon system, explore our Air Cannon Service Contract options with your ACT Sales Representative. Our team offers flexible servicing plans, including bi-monthly or monthly schedules, designed to align with your usage patterns. By ensuring material flow and optimizing plant operations, our service contracts provide long-term peace of mind.

The Flash Cannon

The Flash Air Cannons are blast aerators consisting of a compressed air reservoir with a quick opening valve that releases the stored air in a sudden, high-energy blast. This blast is directed through a discharge pipe to aerate and dislodge material and restore flow.

In a direct blast Air Blaster the air in the reservoir or tank passes directly into the discharge pipe without bends or obstructions in the air course that impede the flow of air. This is important because the quicker the air discharges, the greater the velocity and force of the blast and, therefore, the greater the amount of material affected.

When used in combination, multiple Air Blasters can restore flow to hundreds, thousands, or millions of cubic feet of material. Air Blasters are activated manually or by a micro-controller based sequencing timer that controls the firing time interval and sequence of one or more Air Blasters.


  • Designed for High Temperature Environments
  • Produces Results Quickly and Efficiently
  • Energy Efficient
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • No Leakage
  • No lubrication required.
  • More Powerful Air Blast
  • Ease of Service
  • Five-Year Warranty


The Flash Cannon Logo
A device to assist restoring material flow
The Flash Cannon

Flash Retro Valve

Are you paying too much for replacement valves on your Air Cannon? Did you wish there was an easy solution that didn’t require an investment into a whole new system? Is it even possible to make something MORE powerful than the Hurricane? More reliable? You’re in luck…

Introducing, The Flash Retrofittable Air Cannon Retro System. This system was specifically designed to provide an alternative to Martin Hurricane® replacement valves and can be installed in any Hurricane® tank. In collaboration with ACT, this Global US patented technology overcomes numerous short comings in currently available air cannons from all manufacturers. We accomplished all of this with a simple goal; create a reliable product at the best possible price for our customers. After 3-1/2 years of work with Global Manufacturing the answer is finally here.


  • More powerful blast force than ANY cannon on the market
  • Designed for applications with corrosive or abrasive materials
  • No internal springs translates to less maintenance
  • Can withstand temperatures up to 400°F ambient*
  • New metal exhaust shields for longer performance in harsh environments
  • All parts accessible without dismounting the air cannon tank from the application
Logo for the Flash Retro Cannon
A flow restoration device, air cannon
The ACT Flash Retro Valve

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