Let us WALK YOUR BELT . . .

walk-the-beltApplied Conveyor Technology recognizes that your conveyors are your single most important investment for material handling in your facility. This why ACT wants to assist you with obtaining a thorough and detailed understanding of your conveyors and material behavior so we can partner with you to ensure long-term performance and reliability. Our comprehensive WALK THE BELT program consists of:

RAISE: Operating Standards

LOWER: Total Operating Cost

  • Interviewing key system users to gain their perspective of system problems and performance.
  • Documenting key characteristics of your conveyor system.
  • Measuring system performance.
  • Determining root cause for spillage, dust generation, carryback and system/component wear.
  • Creation of system performance report.
  • Creation of proposals for upgrade and service.
  • Archiving of all data.
In addition, ACT can help you:

IMPROVE YOUR OPERATION Applied Conveyor Technology can act as your “hands-on” material handling consultants… servicing equipment, pointing out trouble spots, suggesting improvements, and relieving your staff.

CONTROL YOUR EXPENSES Service Packages with pre-set fees provide effective cost control and guaranteed performance.

OPTIMIZE BELT CLEANER PERFROMANCE Including replacement of blades, maintenance of proper pressure, and adjustment of frame and tensioner.

REDUCE MAINTENANCE COSTS Using skilled ACT Conveyor specialists to expand your labor pool and free your staff for other duties.

PROVIDE REGULAR CONVEYOR SYSTEM AUDIT With ACT Conveyor System Inspection Report provided after each system service.

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