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Sam Collins

Sam Collins
Sales Manager


Meet Sam Collins, our esteemed Sales Manager, whose journey from the picturesque landscapes of New Zealand to the serene surroundings of Crestline, California, enriches our team with a blend of global insights and a touch of a charming accent that never fails to bring a smile. Sam’s expertise lies deep within the realms of service, with a keen specialization in belt vulcanizing. His comprehensive knowledge in material handling makes him an indispensable part of our operations and a beloved figure among clients.

Married and a devoted father to two wonderful children, Sam finds solace and joy in the warmth of his family. Residing in Crestline, California, he has an affinity for the simple pleasures of life, like basking in the warmth of a wood-burning fire and unwinding in the company of friends, celebrating the successes of a strenuous week’s work.

What truly sets Sam apart is his unwavering dedication to resolving customer challenges. He thrives on the opportunity to make a significant impact, ensuring that our clients’ problems are addressed promptly and efficiently. Sam’s passion for being a major resource to his customers’ operations is palpable, with his commitment to excellence and problem-solving prowess earning him a reputation as a trusted advisor and friend to many in the industry.

In a nutshell, Sam Collins is not just our Sales Manager; he’s a cornerstone of our success, embodying the spirit of service and dedication that we all aspire to.

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