Silo Cleaning Services


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Your silos, bunkers and storage vessels are valuable commodities and a critical plant asset. If you are dealing with material build-up and rat-holes on a regular basis, that reduce storage capacity and facility productivity, give ACT a call.
With the technology to clean your silos safely and effectively from the top of the structure, ACT specialist crews won’t damage liners or bottoms.
Cleaning your storage vessels as the plant is coming off line is recommended preventive maintenance. That way, you’ll have clean bunkers during the outage.
Material cleaned from the bunkers goes through your process thus eliminating additional handling fees, and with clean silo’s, say goodbye to material loss and down-time.
ACT’s Technicians are skilled in special whip technology for silo cleaning and also confined space cleaning if necessary. We have cleaned silos containing boron, dry dog food, and grain and coke ash.

  • Regain live storage capacity and recover lost material.
  • Restore your flow rate.
  • Eliminate confined space entry– cleaning proceeds safely on top of the vessel.
  • Make your vessels safe for inspection.
  • No hidden charges.
  • Controlled cutting technology reduces time on the job.

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